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Lines MCL (Modular cutting lines)

Intended for splitting of metal materials, which are supplied in coils, into sheets or strips, which can be stacked or winding by automated way. Splitting process is highly efficient, individual operations are performed simultaneously in automatic mode with minimal need for manual adjustment.
For the construction lines (MCL) is available set of modules from which purposeful structure of lines can be assembled, according to customer requirements.

Technology modules (TM)

they integrated both submission, straightening and longitudinal cutting. TM compact solution significantly reduces space requirements to install the line. TM parameters indicate the parameters of the lines as well (see chart).

Unwinding modules

Supplied as mechanical or motoric ones with coil weight from 3 tons to 10 tons, for the width of 1000 mm, 1250 mm and 1500 mm.
MCL are economically cost-effective solution that increases productivity, reduces costs and prevents the generation of waste in splitting of coils.
MCL parameters we can change by customer request.

Composition of lines:

01 Composition of lines   02 Composition of lines
 A - unspooling, feeding and crosswise cutting  B - unspooling, feeding, lengthwise cutting and crosswise cutting
 03 Composition of lines  04 Composition of lines
 C - unspooling, straightening, feeding and crosswise cutting  D - unspooling, straightening, feeding, lengthwise cutting and spooling
05 Composition of lines 06 Composition of lines
E - unspooling, feeding, crosswise cutting and spooling F - unspooling, feeding, crosswise cutting and storage





Producer reserves the right to change all specifications subject without notice.


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